A lifetime dedicated to the world of surfing. Zarautz professional surfer, Axi Muniain, starts to compete since he was little but what he really loves is the world of the big wave. It knows in detail the conditions of the sea and its risks, so it will advise you to face the different situations with guarantee. He knows in depth the 3 professional disciplines in surfing:
Competitor: He began to develop the technique in maneuverability at age 13. It was this technique and conviction that made state and county titles, among others, available to them.
Free surfer: Radical and innovative maneuvers and new surfing destinations captured your attention, being the first free state surfer.
Big wave rider: The desire for self-improvement facilitated his trajectory in the world of the big wave. Working on its own limits I found myself competing with the best in the world. Being currently the European surfer with more finals and nominations in the XXL world awards. In addition to being the 1st European finalist XXL in the swim mode.


NAME: Roberto Letemendia
Aka: tito
AGE: 23
Stance: goofy
Residence: zarautz
Sponsors: rhythm, premiun, mak surfboards, logik surfboards
Magic surfboards: Fish quad 5ยด6 from logik
Hobbies: surf, skate, comer
Spots: Orrua. Rokaputa. France