Mobyk surfboards


Sizes Weight
10’4” x 32” x 5” 8.5KG

Outside material:
Side by best 0.55+0.9mm
Plato pvc tarp (double layer technic)

In the box:

  • Board
  • Aluminium Paddle
  • Quick Release Mobyk Fin
  • Mobyk Leash
  • High-Pressure SUPer hand pump
  • Standard Backpack
  • Repair kit
Mobyk Surf Paddle Boards

Mobyk MB Foldable Fin Box
An innovative fin box that means rolling and packing your Mobyk SUP is easier than ever before. The Mobyk SUPs foldable fin box avoids frustration when packing your board and is more durable too.

Mobyk Kick Tail (MKT)
Our Mobyk Kick Tail (MKT) gives you the rider the best possible feedback from your board to enable your board handling progression to be fast and enjoyable. The MKT includes an EVA foam kick pad for positive feedback to the rider when on the tail of the board.

Mobyk Fusion Technology (MFT)
Mobyk Fusion Technology (MFT) is our inflatable SUP construction technology. MFT creates the optimum balance of performance and durability to ensure you have the best performing product that will last you the longest time.

Mobyk Quick Fit Fin
The Mobyk  SUPs Quick Fix fin System is a fast and easy fin system to secure your fin to your board without the need for screws, nuts or tools. Compatible with the Mobyk SUPs US Quick Fix Foldable Fin Box, this is  innovation at its best!


17’ x 78.5” x 8”45-50KG

Outside material:
Top & bottom by 0.55 pvc tarp, rail by 0.55mm+0.9mm plato pvc tarp(double sidewall technic)

20cm thickness. Best quality drop stitch material. Isup air valve, with valve info .zebec glue from Korea, Best 5mm thickness EVA, Stainless steel D rings. Come with repair kits & user manuals. Not include pump & bag